Principal's Desk



Capt (IN) Rajesh Kumar Sharma






Imparting education has been hailed as one of the noblest professions since time immemorial. With the passage of time, requirements and expectations in and from this profession have changed to a great extent. The chief goal of education is to bring in positive behavioural changes in the individual shaping him/her into not only a successful person but also a responsible citizen of the nation. Inculcation of leadership skills and moral values is one of the major objectives of education. The onus of creating future leaders has always been upon the shoulders of the teachers/gurus in our country. Our country has seen great leaders and kings like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna who had received their education as pupils at the hands of their gurus Rishi Vashishtha and Rishi Sandipni respectively who shaped their personalities holistically. Holistic development of the students is the need of the hour as only scoring good grades in the marksheets cannot be accepted as the benchmark for good education. Every individual is born with some latent qualities which need to be identified at the right time to hone those skills appropriately. The Gurukul system of education which was followed in Vedic period can be seen in its modern form in all Sainik Schools in the country. With the inception of Sainik School Rewari in 2008, Haryana got its second Sainik School in the state. The school has been doing very well in all spheres despite the fact that it is lacking in permanent infrastructure. Presently, two cadets of the school are already getting trained in the folds of NDA, Khadakwasla. The school has been producing wonderful results in academic and co-curricular domains year after year which is a testimony to the fact that the school is leaving no stones unturned towards the development of the cadets’. I hope that the cadets and staff members of the school will keep working with the same zeal and enthusiasm in the future as well and the cadets will make us proud by bringing more laurels to the school.

Jai Hind !